The Platform

I wish it were as easy as closing my eyes, get a running start, and stepping through Platform 9 3/4, but it seems that making yourself profitable requires more than it used to. Now writers must promote themselves in addition to their work.

With the rise of all this new social media, creating an online presence–the platform–means being extremely dedicated to the use of twitter, Facebook, and now Google+. And as a former literary agent recommended to me–start a blog.

My biggest concern in all this? What can I possibly have to say that will interest anyone else? I want to impart all my knowledge on my readers, but this requires knowing something my readers don’t. This is the internet! Isn’t everything already out there just beyond the Google search? I am just a grad student working on an MA in Fiction–what can I possibly contribute? Well, for starters, I know how to find the cheapest summer rent in a college town. I know how to string a sentence together in a coherent and occasionally elegant way. And I even know the difference between medium and dark roast coffee.

Clearly these are important pieces of knowledge that I know you are eager to learn. All in due time, my friend.

After the jump: The secret to cheap summer rent!

My secret for cheap summer rent in a college town? Live in a frat house!  (My summer 2011 was spent on the second floor of the Miami University Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi’s house. $400 for three months!)


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