L.A. Times lay offs and the decline of the middleman

Publishers Weekly and Galleycat just covered the L.A. Times lay offs including the paper’s freelance book reviewers which, while unsurprising, definitely reminds us how the industry is changing.

Paid reviews were/are considered a big deal when trying to get word out about your book. It was a fairly big deal in exposure and book marketing. But now it seems that people are less interested in what big-name, well-known reviewers have to say and more concerned with the book’s customer rating on Amazon. This delves deeper into the “cutting out the middleman” trend in publishing. Are you a self-published author that can’t get the L.A. Times to review your book? Don’t worry, not even traditionally published authors will have that luxury now either.

The articles did mention that now all review will be in-house, so I guess if you land an L.A. Times review it’s a  big deal. (Pretty sure the Amazon folk still won’t care)

Update: Two ‘L.A. Times’ Columns Move to ‘Los Angeles Review of Books’


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