Times have changed

While working on a project for Writer’s Digest, I was able to go through the archives all the way back to when the magazine started back in 1920. It was originally published under the title “Successful Writing” but was changed after about one year to the Writer’s Digest we are familiar with.

I pulled a few excerpts and snapped a picture of the January cover from 1923.

Some things I found reminded me how much things have changed over the years–

From “Women’s Place in the Films” Writer’s Digest (December 1922)
“Her series of newspaper articles, ‘Are Women People,’ attracted nation-wide fame and resulted in some people admitting that women are people.”

Others demonstrated that some advice is truly timeless–

From “Writing the Novel” by Jim Tully (Writer’s Digest October 1923)
“I am now about to say one of the most sincere things that I have ever said–in the hope that some young writer of the future will read it. There is one absolute rule in writing, and the saying is not at all original with me, though I learned it in seven years of labor as an ex-pugilist and tramp in writing one book. ‘The way to learn to write it–to write!'”

And from May 1929, a historical look at writing revenue–


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