Motivated Mondays

I’m writing this post to procrastinate writing my workshop responses. For some reason, three one-page responses is such a struggle for me to finish each week and I always wait till the last possible day to do it. This completely contradicts the rest of this post, but procrastination for one thing creates motivation for another! (Therefore, this is completely justified.)

So here’s the thing about Mondays: I always wake up ready to finish everything on my  list and be a functional adult. I plan to go to the gym, finish all my reading, get ahead on my term paper research, and maybe throw in a few emails to professors. For the past few weeks this has not been happening, but as usual I plan to turn it all around this week!

But there are a few things in my corner that will definitely make me more successful than I have been in the past.

1) I have deadlines. There is nothing like a looming deadline to make you sit down and crank out some hard work. Next week is a presentation for my lit class, and the following week I have a paper due and a workshop story due back to back. So I will most likely be productive this week and next because I don’t have a choice.

2) The things I have to do affect more than just me. These responses I have to write will help someone edit their story, so I feel extremely responsible for getting them done and making them thoughtful. And my kitten needs her vaccinations so I absolutely have to call the vet to make an appointment today. These are things I can’t afford to let slip because it’s not just me they affect making them all the more important.

3) My “To Do” lists are prioritized. In the past I have written out my long list of thing I have to do and just stared at it hopelessly. But this time, I have starred all the things that (realistically) need to be done today and everything else can wait till later this week, but at least I know what all is on my plate. And when I finish all my high priority responsibilities, I will still feel accomplished even if there are things left on my list.

4) Accomplishing one thing makes me want to finish another. Now that I’ve written this post, I feel twice at motivated to actually write these responses. Sometimes finishing something small gives you that little push you need. It’s like motivational inertia.

So go forth and be productive! I need to finish these responses before class…


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