Kindle finallys joins library lending

Hoorah! According to Publisher’s Weekly, Kindle has finally joined other epub platforms in allowing for library to lend ebooks on their platform. This is extremely exciting for me because I just recently made the decision to purchase a Kindle (and will in the next 6 months or so).

The article talks about some nice features included in the agreement, including saving your notes for if you choose to buy the book later.

Library editions will offer virtually all the features of Kindle books, Amazon officials said, including the ability to save margin notes for readers—should the reader choose to buy the book at a later date, or check it out again, their notes would be “backed up and available.”

What really makes me happy about this is that libraries are not going to fall by the wayside. Even though all these things are being done online, they wouldn’t be possible without the concept of the library lending system and people frequenting them. In addition, libraries remain one of the largest purchasers of books. True, this probably puts another nail in the coffin to the hard copy publishing we know and love (since libraries were probably helping keep that afloat), but I am embracing this new industry push to electronics. We will always have print for gifts and nostalgia, but now self-published authors have their own signifier that they have made it as a writer–because libraries aren’t going to buy every book to lend on the kindle!


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