Things My Lit Professor Says

I am in a Renaissance Sexuality literature class and of course this level of discourse and amusing subject matter breeds some very interesting conversations. So for the rest of this fall semester, I will institute the reoccurring segment: Things My Lit Professor Says

“You committed treason? You’re also probably a sodomite.”

“A garden needing to be fertilized means to be shat upon…and who wants that?”

“You know how you get over the anxiety of your sibblings getting older? You loathe them.”

“Every time I smile it’s a small stab at my mother.”

“They would bring out a box of dildos for the ladies to choose from.”

He also enlightened us to the term– “Artificial bedfellows”



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2 responses to “Things My Lit Professor Says

  1. I wish I had entertaining professors in college. Instead, I had ones that would stare up at me over the rifle magazine they were reading during tests.

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