Kindle Updates


So today Amazon introduced their new Kindle Family which is a huge tease since most won’t be available till November 21. Right now you can only pre-order, but hey–free shipping!

I am particularly excited about two things.

1) Kindle Touch — I have been waiting for this for SO long, and it is a pretty decent size for only $99.

2) Kindle Fire — I am excited about this for a couple reasons as well. First, because it is in color which is great news for my friends over in the Craft Community at F&W Media where I interned over the summer. They were essentially cut out of the Amazon marketplace because B&W craft books just don’t cut it. Now they can sell their ebooks across all platforms which will no doubt be a huge deal. Yay! Second, New color tablet option! I know, it will never be the ipad, but it’s only $200 and that’s what Amazon is banking on to move consumer their way.  Personally, I don’t think it will take off right away, at least not in the state it’s in. It’s lacking a lot of key features like 3- and 4G, a camera, microphone, and LTE compatibility. It will run a modified Android structure and I have heard rumors that you have to purchase all apps through the Amazon app store rather than the Android marketplace–but I don’t know for sure. Still, very exciting.

But I am generally a fan of changes and advancements in technology so this too me is a good thing. It will be interesting to see what happens as we move into the holiday months. My guess is that Kindle sales (especially the Kindle and the Kindle touch) will skyrocket, but the Kindle Fire won’t really take off until the second or third generation when more features are introduce and people are convinced that their ipad may not be made by the hands of God himself.  But that’s okay. As long as each platform challenges the others, life will keep getting better for the consumer.


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