Things My Lit Professor Says #2

In discussion of the play The Convent of Pleasure by  Margaret Cavendish, my lit professor was explaining one of the lines in the play for us about a pun in saying that the wall of the convent was a yard thick.

“A yard,” he said, “is a play on the male penis which is a bit generous in my opinion.”

Follow by a brief pause, then “why do I say these things?”

Never a dull moment.



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3 responses to “Things My Lit Professor Says #2

  1. i thought this was a coffee blog…?

    • Kristen

      If this was a coffee blog, every post would pretty much be “OMG I LOVE COFFEE.” But actually, it’s a platform/resume/portfolio blog–at the suggestion of a coworker from over the summer.


  2. Kana Tyler

    A (male) friend of mine suggests that this is why women are “bad with measurements”–because men are always telling us “this is nine inches”… ;)

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