My Favorite Professor

I little while back I mentioned I was busy because of a new kitten. Well, he is about 4 months old now and adorable. And his name is The Professor! I know how much the internet loves cats so here you go.

My roommate and I found him just outside our apartment, abandoned, covered in fleas, and very hungry. So we took him in, loved him, and now he loves us back. My roommate already had a kitten so adding another wasn’t a hard choice. Too me about a half hour to decide that he wasn’t going anywhere. I mean, just look at that face!

This is The Professor and his best buddy in the whole world, Smudge, who is just a little older than him, about 6 months. They spend all their time together. It’s going to be so sad when my roommate and I graduate and have to move. Parting these two kitties won’t be easy for anyone.

And this is how they sleep, because they are strange little kittens. The reason they are asleep in all these pictures is because it’s the only time I can get pictures of them. Otherwise they are running around playing with paper balls or catnip fish. Recently they have taken to playing fetch with bobby pins and tin foil balls.

I mean, my goodness–how adorable is this animal? I am so grateful that he stumbled onto my doorstep because he is just the best little buddy around. He “helps” me do my work by sleeping on my books and comforts me at night when I’m sleeping peacefully by batting at my face at 4am wanting to play. But no, really, he is wonderful. I understand why there is an entire Tumblr about writers and cats because they are a wonderful comfort when you are lonely, but leave you alone enough to get work done. They also always seem to know when you are in need of a break (because they come lay their entire bodies across your laptop while you’re typing. “LOVE ME NOW!”)

So I just thought that because it is such a lovely Friday, and I’m knee-deep in Margaret Cavendish research, that a short break from writing would be nice. And plan on seeing more of The Professor. He wants to read your manuscript ASAP. He is also a pretty decent editor. Feel free to inquire about his rates and services.


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