Are you writing yet?

Happy November 1st!

As many of you already know, people across the globe are hammering their keyboards, furiously pounding out the words that will bring to life the ideas they’ve been thinking about for weeks, if not months.  And the real question is, how far are you?

Many people start right at midnight after returning home from whatever Halloween celebrations they attended. Lucky for everyone this year, Halloween was on a Monday so that chances of getting home intoxicated and exhausted are slightly diminished (except for college students). When I participated a few years back, I came home and wrote 300 words before falling asleep with my laptop on my lap. The next morning, I was up early and had another 2-3k done before lunch.

Your best bet is to get ahead early! Did you already hit the minimum word count for today (1,667 words)? Good, now KEEP GOING! This is when you are the most motivated and so use it.  In a few days or weeks, you’ll feel that motivation begin to waver and that’s when you start looking for tricks to get you through.

And make sure you’re having fun with it! Make your characters do silly things, or say things that are absolutely outrageous. In NaNoWriMo, word count is everything, and most of what you write now will get cut. Sure, write some good stuff too, but if you work too hard at being super serious, you might start to get worn down or write yourself into a corner. Do be afraid to throw some crazy stuff in there, a little levity is a good thing.

So consider this my enthusiastic send off. You’ve got a long task ahead of you and though I am not participating this year, I’m cheering you on! Go forth and write!



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2 responses to “Are you writing yet?

  1. Great! LOL I needed to read that. My mom pretty much begged me to join since she knows I want to be a writer and all. Good luck to you if you’re joining! :)

    • Kristen

      What a great person to have motivating you! NaNoWriMo is a great way to get started when it comes to being “a writer and all”, mostly because it makes you write, write, and write some more.

      Good luck! Stick with it and you’ll do great! (And have your mom promise you an awesome reward if you finish, just to give you that extra little boost of motivation)

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