NaNoWriMo Prompts #1

I will be posting prompts through out the month to help you out in case you get stuck and don’t know what to do. These are great for word wars, writing sprints, an extra scene to fill some space, or even to start a completely unrelated story (for those not participating in nanowrimo).

I have two for today:

1) What is your character’s most prominent, sharpest memory and how does it affect them at any given moment of their day? (I got this one from my workshop professor who claims that entire books have been written with this prompt)

2) Have your character drink something that triggers a memory. (For example, this Yuengling Black & Tan that I am drinking right now reminds me of summers drinking with my dad on the porch)

See what you can do with these! Happy Writing!



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3 responses to “NaNoWriMo Prompts #1

  1. I like the first one. I could use that lol. I’m kind of starting to love my story (yay!)

    • Kristen

      That’s great! What’s it about?

      • There is small town of Stanton,Massachusetts, known nationwide for its being so safe it is now the dullest state in America.
        Elizabeth Faction could not be any more bored with it.
        Until her best friend’s girlfriend’s body turns up missing, leaving her (Elizabeth) with the lovely task of soothing and sympathizing with the guy she is secretly in love with and who is now heart broken and vowed to never date again. Elizabeth is at the end of her ropes when she finally drudges up the courage to tell Jacob (her best friend) how she feels, only to then see Aries- Jacob’s demised love- hanging by her side as a translucent being of the other world come to ask for her help in solving her murder.

        Pitiful synopsis, I know lol.

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