Happy Halfway!

I just wanted to give a shout out to all the those who have reached the halfway point of the NaNoWriMo experience today. Congrats! This is a huge accomplishment, whether or not you’ve hit 25k words, or if you’ve already way past that–you’ve stuck with it this long that that’s more than most people can say!

Now in order to avoid that halfway slump, you have to reward yourself. You’ve still got a ways to go and you don’t want your momentum dropping, but your moral during all of this is just as important. Treat yourself to a delicious meal, maybe your character’s favorite meal to stay in the nano spirit! Or go for an inspirational walk, allowing yourself some time to relax from the craziness of life plus nano. Maybe take some time to actually read a book! Nothing like seeing someone else’s success to make you want to achieve it as well!

But if you find yourself wanting to give up, to just quit and play Skyrim instead, maybe a look at what some of the NaNoWriMo winner are receiving this year will give you that extra push.

Make sure to check out the Full List for all the details!

Five free paperback copies of a finished book for NaNoWriMo winners

50% off Scrivener for all NaNoWriMo winners, and 20% off for all participants.

25% off Storyist for Mac and iPad.

Use WriteWay for FREE until 12/15/11 and get 50% off Professional Edition when you buy!

10% off Scribendi’s manuscript editing services!


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