Things My Lit Professor Says #5

“Knowledge is power…god this sounds like GI Joe.”

“Don’t mind me, I’m just eccentric. I’m fascinating.”

“You know who else gets bribed with food? Geese who are turned into Pâté.”

“Undergraduates can disappear for long periods at a time. Rarely is it because they are a spy. But if an undergrad did that, and told me it was because they were a spy, I would probably give them an extension.”

“Venus–hot mess–yes.”

“Then Mercury is like, ‘I’m just using you destinies’…child. Sorry, had to say it. It was out there.”

“And she’s putting roses everywhere not knowing they smell like poo…as the song goes.”

“So they’re doing like a dry hump…that’s a phrase I need to work into every class.”


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