NaNoWriMo Prompts #2

In honor of it being just over half way through the month, here are some more prompts to get you to the end!

1. Give your character a wound that just won’t heal. This could be as literal as a flesh wound that won’t quite close up or keep getting infected, or it could be more psychological. Do they still blame themselves for their lover’s death? Does a mistake from years ago still haunt them every day? Give them a wound to influence their decisions and to develop them to an even deeper level.

2. Strike them with an unquenchable desire for something. All of the sudden, your character just HAS to have a bowl of pea soup or he is just doing to lose it. Or maybe your character realizes that she hasn’t talked to her mother in weeks and she absolutely must. This desire should prompt their next few actions in some way, molding the action around this need and either complicating their predicament or aiding in it.

3. One of your characters suddenly loses their hand. How tragic… But that’s nano!

Go forth and write!

Additionally: Yay! 50th Post!


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One response to “NaNoWriMo Prompts #2

  1. A wound that won’t heal is great advice. Luckily, I did that for my current story, but I really want to keep that in mind for anything I write in the future.

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