As November Finishes Up

I just want to offer my heartfelt congratulations and sympathies to everyone who participated (win or lose) in this year NaNoWriMo. Congratulations because of what a fantastic undertaking and achievement it is, and sympathies because your wrists are probably screaming at you to take a break. When I participated, I could barely use the computer mouse my wrist was so sore! But all the pain, the late nights, the missed parties and forgotten tv shows were worth it in the end! As you race toward the finish line, or look back as you’ve already crossed it, November is ending and (at least in Ohio) winter is already here.

Finals week is imminent and I can no longer put off that 15+ page term paper I have to write for next Monday. My hats off to everyone who was able and daring enough to participate in NaNoWriMo during a crazy month like November when everything is due and the pressure is on. I know I’ve been feeling it.

Aside from that, I have nothing to update and while I’ve been working on a number of blog posts, I’ll most likely be saving them for when my school work is officially done for the year and I can start to officially freak out about a job/thesis. Until then, enjoy your victory! Claim your prizes or succumb to your punishments–I’m sure they were all well earned!

Personally, I suggest a good batch of Christmas cookies, a spiced drink, and a thick book. That sounds freaking amazing right about now. And if you still have some school work to get through, you can do it! It’s not much longer! I BELIEVE IN YOU!


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