Popular Books by Young Authors

Goodreads recently announced their winners for the Reader’s Choice awards, which evoked two distinct emotions in me. 1) I realized how out of the loop I’ve been with popular fiction in my favorite genres as a result of reading only books required for class, and 2) Blinding jealousy, but in a good way.

The big winner with year was Divergent by Veronica Roth, which was named Reader’s Choice Book of 2011. After a little digging, since I’ve never even heard of this now-incredibly-popular author, I discovered that this is not only her debut novel, but she is only 23 years old. Cue blinding jealousy. I am in fact, almost 23 years old and I am no where near a Reader’s choice novel, or even a full novel!

Now, first off, I want to say that while I am super jealous of Miss Roth, it is not because of her success, okay it is a little, but I wish her the absolute best sales because what she has done is awesome and she has my full support. My jealous is more of along the lines of: why haven’t I finished writing and polishing a worthy novel by now? She has, why haven’t I? If nothing else, this book as laid a swift kick in the pants for me. Miss Roth graduated from college with a degree in creative writing just like me, but unlike me, she wasn’t just trying to survive college–she was actually writing. And the frustration I feel as a result of seeing her mega-popular novel is a frustration in myself for not being nearly as productive. Because while the agent, publishing and movie deals are all, in a sense, sort of luck–the physical act of writing and finishing something that is ready to send out is a much greater and personally-driven task.

Not to mention, she already has her second book coming out sometime next year. I mean, damn girl! That’s  awesome.

And not only is she a successful writer, but she also has a great personality. Check out her blog for some great tips and inside information on how the whole process went for her.


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