New Year, New Expectations

Break is over and like many, I have crawled forth from the warm folds of my comforter to start the new year as a better, more productive person. And like many, I didn’t finish everything I wanted to today. But that’s okay. The new year is all about what you do and what you’re going to do–as long as it gets done.

So as you compile your to-do lists and figure out exactly what you want to accomplish this year, keep these three things in mind.

1) The best diet is the one you can stick to. This might seem like advice specific to dieting, but it can be applied to all aspects of life. If you want to write more, set a schedule you can stick to. Don’t burn yourself out and then fall off the wagon completely–figure out a schedule that works for you, as intense or laid back as you need it to be, and stick to it!

2) Rest days are necessary. You are not throwing everything off or quitting by taking a day off. Your brain needs to relax every now and then, especially if you’re working, writing and taking care of others all at the same time. Just make sure you get back to it the next day.

3) Set short term and long term goals. You need a sense of accomplishment every so often to keep you going, otherwise you are more likely to give up. Short term goals will help you achieve small victories and motivate you to work toward your long term goals, such as finally finishing that manuscript.


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