Don’t Forget to Brag!

At the start of each new school year, grad programs tend to send out an email asking for any accomplishments that students and program members want to share with the department. Word of advice: Don’t be shy! Brag about you publications, everything writing related, because it’s still exposure. It gets your name put on the website, put in the newsletter, etc.

Why you ask? Well!

1) You never know who might see it. These often get posted on department websites and go out in newsletters and you never know who might get wind and what doors it may open for you down the line. Can’t hurt right?

2) It makes the program look good. The better your program looks, the more your degree will mean in the real world. If a program is putting out students who are succeeding then that’s a program people are going to take notice of.

3) It can earn you respect in the department.  Who doesn’t love a little recognition?


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