On Coffee, again

It’s no secret that I love coffee and every so often, I feel this blog needs a big of a caffeine jolt with a post related to my favorite morning beverage. So to address your coffee needs, I have for you some fun little coffee-related tidbits and toys.

The first thing I found is basic, but wonderful in it’s simplicity. Coffee comes three ways, and there is a way to drink each one.

How to Drink Coffee: “Sip it while it’s hot, enjoy it when it’s warm, down it when it’s cold.”

I also recently discovered an app that tells you when you need more caffeine you can avoid that horrible coffee crash. I don’t have an iphone so I can’t actually try the Caffeine Zone app out, but I would absolutely use it if I could. You can find it here: http://frankritter.com/caffeinezone/

And finally, this is a great image that’s been around online for quite a while but is still very, very useful. Enjoy!


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