Dear Writer’s Digest– I miss you already.

Friday was my last day with Writer’s Digest. Talk about bittersweet. Sure, I’m thrilled not to have to commute an hour each way, but it was 100% worth every minute I spent backed up on the back roads of rural Ohio.

Everyone at that office is amazing. They were always looking to help, and offering me projects they thought would be beneficial for me, that would teach me something. They didn’t just have me doing grunt work or fetching coffee. They saw me as an asset to the team, willing to learn and eager to help. I would love to work for Writer’s Digest on a more permanent basis, but sadly, it seems my life is taking me elsewhere.

But I am really going to miss that place, those people, that job. I had the most adorable, cozy cubicle covered in post-it notes and old magazines. I had an excuse to talk to my favorite writers and was given the opportunity to interview some of the biggest names in the literary world.  I had access to every book, magazine and website I could ever want to reference.

And most of all, I got to write. I got to contribute. I will see my name in print. You can’t beat that.

Dear Writer’s Digest,

It’s only been a couple days and I already miss you. You were the best part of my year and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

Thank you :)



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3 responses to “Dear Writer’s Digest– I miss you already.

  1. Sounds like you had a great experience from a fantastic opportunity. And, you appreciated it all, which is very telling of your character. Best of luck as you progress.

  2. Zac

    We miss you already, too! You did an awesome job, and we were lucky to have you. Also, if I get a moment next week, I’ll mail you that mask we discussed.


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