Perfect Spaces

It’s the best time of the year right now–cool in the mornings, warm in the afternoons and comfortable in the evenings. I don’t have classes to attend, I’ve barely one shift a week at work, and I can focus all my attention on finishing up my thesis. And because of the wonderful weather (and heaps of free time) I am able to enjoy my cozy moments reading and writing in exactly the way I want to. This means finding the perfect space to get my work done, and now that I’m no longer stuck inside, I can pretty much go where ever I want–yay!

To the left is my favorite spot in my apartment–my porch. I live on the second floor, so not the far up, but just high enough not to have to worry about too many bugs or the neighbor’s dogs. Instead, I get to have my potted herb garden, a nice view, the sounds of a babbling brook just beyond those trees, and a cool, shaded spot to get all my work done.

My favorite time to be out is early morning or late afternoon, drinking coffee, or a summer mojito (with mint from my own garden!) You can actually find the recipe for that drink at The Yummy Life, and yes, I even made the simple syrup from scratch. It’s all homemade, except for the white rum, because that would be moonshining and I just don’t have the space for a still in my apartment. And sadly, we don’t have any deep, foreboding caves near by, so I am out of luck there as well.

Finding your perfect space is really important, especially when you have to train yourself to get things done. When I’m laying in bed, my body knows it’s time to sleep, so I rarely get further than ten pages into a chapter before needing a nap–and with about 14 more books to read in the next 5 weeks, I can’t afford too many more mid-day naps. And the living room has a tv, and cats, and those are the two most distracting things in my apartment.

So outside it is. No cats, no interruptions, no distractions. Just me, my book, my garden, and whatever refreshing beverage I choose to take out with me.

As for writing, I need a desk, so the one in my room suits me quite nicely. That, or heading over to the library with all the students taking summer classes. Sometimes sensory depravation is exactly what you need to lose yourself in your own story.

Where are your perfect spaces?



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2 responses to “Perfect Spaces

  1. Ben

    Saw an article about this book recently, which talks about the importance of a “third place” in life apart from work and home. Sounds like your porch is that place!

  2. Xenoia

    Cats are the most common interruption for me as well!

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