It’s Official!

I Passed!!

I am officially a Master of English!

Sure, this was *technically* taken two months ago, but now it’s for real. Feels good man, feels good.

I should probably thank all the people that got me to this point in my life:

My father, for convincing me I could get into grad school when I was doubting whether I should submit an application at all.

My mother, for letting me vent whenever I needed to (pretty much all the time).

My boyfriend, for being proud of me and supporting me all along the way.

My roommate, who shared this ridiculous BA/MA experience with me.

My professors, for accepting me for who I am as a writer and encouraging me to purse what I love, not just what is considered “literature.”

My cat, for all the cuddles he provided when I was was feeling down.

And to everyone else–my peers, my readers, my co-workers–who gave me the confidence, the support, and the reassurance that this was the right path for me and everything was gonna be just fine.




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2 responses to “It’s Official!

  1. Well done, and I must say your cat sounds purrfect!!

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