On Monday, I Start My Job.

Something I have always been very excited about is the idea that working will bring a set schedule to my life.

I would get up at the same time every day, suck down some breakfast, rush to work, drink my coffee, work for 8-9 hours, and then return home exhausted and hungry–just like everyone else. But it seems that the universe has a different daily plan in mind for me. It seems I will not have the helping hand of a job to schedule my life. No, that will be up to me, because now I’m working a contract job where I can be either in the office or at home, and the hours are mine to set.

I am both thrilled and terrified of what this may lead to. Seriously, fear of freedom is a real thing.

I won’t have much problem setting my own hours, and probably be pretty good at sticking to a set start time each day. But can I force myself to quit at the end of the day when there is still more work to be done? Will I be able to push it to the next morning? And will each day really feel like a work day? Or will this always feel sort of like a “pretend” job?

The plus side, of course, is that, again, I can set my own hours and work from home. This means that if I can find the self-discipline, adding personal reading and writing time into my schedule will be just like scheduling work. At the end of my day, I can bang out a few thousand words and then tell myself it’s quitting time.

Basically, this whole job will be an exercise in self-control. I suppose it’s time…I will be the master of my domain…and the couch, which is where I will be doing most of my work, it seems.

Another thing I was looking forward to about a job was the inaccessibility of food and the inevitable weightless that comes along with that, but with the refrigerator only a few steps away all day now…that was a pipe dream after all. Guess I’ll have to make and effort to work in some running to this whole shebang now. But other chores will be a breeze to get done! Heck, I can be on a phone call meeting and sorting laundry. How awesome is that?

My god, if I ever transition to a real, in-office position, I won’t know what to do with myself.

Oh, and how did I find this job? Happenstance and luck. My personal agent (read: boyfriend) sent an email to an awesome Marketing and Communications Director with a literary history. We had coffee, hit it off, talked books and writing, and suddenly I began a glorious two week internship…which ends today…and becomes a real position as of Monday.

So yes, after a whirlwind ‘romance,’ I have made a commitment to a very handsome job opportunity  and am thus employed. I work as a Marketing and Communications Associate, and my contract starts Monday. Wish me luck!

(I also applied to Barnes and Nobles, which I am hoping to hear back from soon because I wouldn’t mind a part-time supplemental job…and also books.)


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