Red Wine, The Raven, & Turning 24

Happy birthday to me! I’m 24 now, which to me feels both young and old simultaneously. I’m at that fun age when you either keep lying and holding on to your early twenties, or you bite the bullet and admit that you’re in your mid-twenties now. In truth, it doesn’t really bother me. I am in a fantastic place in my life, with a job, income, hobbies, and goals, and I can’t imagine there is a better place for one to be in their mid-twenties.

Writer's Block Wine

My birthday was tragically on a Monday this year, but it was still a far cry of a celebration from last year where I spent my birthday (on a Saturday night) at home, alone, writing my graduate thesis and drinking heavily. This year, I still drank my fair share of wine, but also enjoyed some much more wonderful festivities.

After work, I was taken on a coffee date by my most wonderful male suitor, and out for a long walk in the sun (a rare nice day during the Ohio winter). It was lovely. We stopped at a local food joint, picked up some grub, went home, popped the cork on my birthday gift, a bottle of Writer’s Block wine, and watched The Raven — you know, that Edgar Allen Poe movie starring John Cusack? Yes, just as horrible as you would imagine. It really didn’t deliver on the literary references at all. In fact it threw in some headless horseman allusions which is a Washington Irvin short story, NOT Poe.

I could go into everything that was wrong about this movie, but to be honest, I watched it (on Netflix) because I knew it would be bad and I love terrible horror movies. Surprisingly bloody, though. So be wary of that if you are squeamish.

After the movie, we discussed the hollywood storytelling forumla (based on this Writing Excuses podcast), how it applied to The Dark Knight, and drank even more wine. All in all, it was an excellent way to spend a birthday.

Running in the snow

Unfortunately, all party-like celebrations were put off a week since, again, a birthday on a Monday is not conducive to much social gathering. But I made plans to enjoy a relaxing birthday run and an evening at a local winery for a tasting with good friends. Both were absolutely fantastic.

As you can see, it was a snowy Saturday morning. I’ve found that running in the snow is actually quite fun! But running in the snow and wind? That is the worst possible thing ever. EVER. If it’s too windy out, I will usually jump on the treadmill instead, which is fine since then I can read American Gods on my kindle or listen to an audiobook while I run.

Running is a hobby that I am becoming more, and more interested in. I’ve started to follow running blogs, bought some new, weather-appropriate running gear, and even signed up for a half marathon in May. I’m afraid, but excited. It’s a new year of life for me, let’s see if I can’t make some awesome strides forward!


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