Take Care of the Little Things

blistercareI hate not being able to run.

This is different than choosing to take a day off or being too lazy to lace up.

This is wanting to run and knowing it would be a bad idea to do so. And it’s the worst.

I apologize if this is icky, but it’s a dark reality of running. I have a blister, or rather, I had a blister. But then I went for a run and that simple blister became a very angry blister. I tried to push through, bandage up, and go out for a run on Saturday. I made it exactly .17 miles and called it quits. Ow.

I had to skip my 11-mile run on Sunday and I decided it was safer just to skip tonight as well. I want to make sure everything is healed up because the last thing I need 3 weeks before my first half marathon is a sore foot. 
Sunny Coffee

But it was a hard few days to take off. The weather has finally been showing signs of accepting that it’s Spring, with temperatures in the low 70s and sunny –absolutely gorgeous. At least I was able to make it out Sunday for a mocha latte in the park.

My main takeaway from this experience is to not let injuries, or even minor inconveniences, get to the point where you are forced to take a day off. I should have taken precautions to make sure these blisters either didn’t happen or, at least, that they didn’t get worse. Lesson learned.

On my next run, I will:

  • Switch to my new pair of shoes
  • Put some Vaseline on my foot to prevent bad rubbing
  • Wear the correct socks
  • Use some reliable blister bandaging

When it comes to your health, even the little things should be taken seriously and cared for.

Or you’ll be stuck inside on a beautiful day, barefoot and frustrated.


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