On a Day Like Today

A Warm Weather DayI couldn’t let such a beautiful day slip through my fingers again so I decided I just had to get outside and run. My blister bandaid was useless in minutes, but I was able to keep going, and I’m glad I did. Three days off might not seem like a big gap, but boy was I feeling it. Maybe I started off at too quick of a pace, or maybe it was the zombie hoard hot on my trail, or maybe it was the fact that today was the hottest day we’ve had so far this year (81 degrees!) and I am definitely not acclimated to warm-weather running just yet. I only managed 3.5 miles, though I did run my fastest 5k since November. (Woo!)

Running in the warm weather months is a whole different ball game than running in the winter months. When it’s cold out, you can just keep adding layers until you’re comfortable. Not sure what to wear? There are websites for that–like Dress My Run! Extremely simple, clear, and useful.

But when it’s warm out, it adds a whole new set of things to keep in mind, like sun screen and carrying water with you. (Actually, as I found out this past winter, carrying water is more of a year-round issue since many parks turn their water fountains off in the winter to keep the pipes from bursting. In the middle of a 13-mile run is not the best time to discover this fact.)

I don’t expect my next few runs to be very long or intense, but I’m okay with that. As long as I become more acclimated to the warm weather with each one, and keep getting outside, I think it will be productive and I’ll be in good shape for May.

Good thing races are usually in the morning before it gets really hot out. But I am not looking forward to when summer is in full swing and the humidity is crazy. That’s when I tend to take the most time off. Thank goodness for treadmills and air conditioning.


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