Busy summer travels.

This has been an incredible summer so far, especially the past few weeks. I’ve been traveling almost non-stop, between college ruinions in Virginia, grad school reunions in Cincinnati, and training in Chicago this past week. I’m hoping now I’ll get a little down time to just relax by the pool and get some reading done. I  started Dan Brown’s new novel, Inferno. I know it’s not the peak of literary merit, but Brown’s books are always quick reads and an entertaining ride (except for The Lost Symbol which I listened to via audio book on a nine-hour drive to Maryland, and it was awful.)

Just a quick catch up to what I’ve been up to this summer in picture form:


Above is a picture from my trip to virginia, sipping wine with my girls looking out over the top of a mountain. It could not have been more beautiful.


But after almost 20+ cumulative hours of driving to get to and from Virginia, I was *very* glad to get home to my kitty, Professor. He was very displeased with how long I had been away. Luckily I have an awesome roommate who takes care of him while I’m gone.


Then the following weekend was my trip to Oxford and Cincinnati to visit friends from grad school. We stopped off to grab some tasty sushi before a night of drinking.


And we decided on what we wanted to do before we die. (Mine is to “Publish a Book”)


And hung out at this AWESOME bar outside, drinking $2 beers because why not? There was a Ke$ha concert that same night, which now explains why there were so many people  covered in glitter.


And then I slept on the most uncomfortable futon ever — felt like college all over again!


I was lucky enough to get home early Sunday morning, so I took advantage of the great weather and grabbed a sandwich to take to the park.


And then I finally finished reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey, which is a fantastic book. I look forward  to seeing the movie next.

Then it was only a few days later that I was off to Chicago for my training. I didn’t get any pictures as it was quite a whirlwind experience. I will have to write a separate post about that later. I did manage to grab a picture of my breakfast from the second day. Exciting, I know.

And now for some R&R by the pool…


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