Email marketing clearly works on me. Also, books.

I subscribe to various newsletters about the publishing industry, including Publisher’s Weekly, and occasionally they send out emails that are actually ads for upcoming book releases. Normally, I just delete these. But today, while going through my inbox, one of these emails actually caught my eye.

It was the book’s title that drew me in and the cover that sealed my interest. Something about a company that deals with unruly magic (or at least, that’s what  I  assumed based on the cover) really intrigued me. And then I did something I never do: I clicked on the link. It took me to a sneak peek of the first 50 pages and I actually started reading. I was hooked on the first page.

So then, continuing up the ladder of engagement, I added this book to my “Want To Read” list on Goodreads. All from an email. I feel like a puppet being controlled by the publishing overlords. Will they decide every book I read from now on? Will I ever have an original thought again?

The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co.) by Jonathan Stroud

I jest. I’m actually really excited about this book. It’s called The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co. #1) by Jonathan Stroud. It reminds me of another series that I enjoyed reading, the Spook’s Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney, and the cover art looks very similar to The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix. I guess I am just a sucker for middle grade fantasy stories.

You can read the sneak peak of The Screaming Staircase here.

In other news, I actually managed to get myself up and out running again this morning, and for the second day in a row! It’s an incredible accomplishment because I really, really like sleeping. It took me a little longer to get out of bed this morning so I started a bit later than I would have liked. The run itself was pretty awful and I ended up only doing two miles instead of three like I’d planned. Boo.


I’ve decided that this week is all about acclimating to the hot, muggy weather that is no doubt here to stay. So that means shorter runs, but trying to get out there every day. And I know that if I don’t get up and run, I won’t do it later when it’s even hotter out.

One nice thing about running in the mornings is that I have so much free time at night! Time to actually dig into the pile of books sitting on my desk that I’ve been ignoring. Right now, I’m still working my way through Inferno by Dan Brown.

Inferno by Dan Brown

To be completely honest, I started this book because I was curious about the subject matter–Dante’s Inferno. But I find myself incredibly bored as I read this book, and skimming more often than paying my full attention. Everything feels cliche, especially after reading some of his previous books, and I am more interested in the grand scheme of the villain than I am about the path Robert Langdon and his beautiful sidekick have to take to uncover it. I find myself wanting to throw the book across the room because everything is just taking too damn long. I never expected this book to be good, but I at least expected to enjoy the ride. Now I feel like I have to finish it out of some weird obligation. Apparently I am incapable of leaving books unfinished once I get far enough in. Don’t worry, I’ll have a full write-up once I’m done. Aren’t I great? I read awful books so you don’t have to!

Lucky for me, next 0n my reading list is The Feast of Love by Charles Baxter. It is a little more literary than Brown and I think it will be a nice change of pace. Plus, it’s my boss’s favorite book and she has amazing taste, so I know it will be fantastic.

What are you currently reading?

What are you looking forward to reading next?



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2 responses to “Email marketing clearly works on me. Also, books.

  1. I am currently re-reading A Feast For Crows, and will go on to A Dance With Dragons. It’s been too long between when I read the books and started watching the show, and I”m hoping Martin will release the 6th book annnnnny day now.

    I’ve never been a big Dan Brown fan. I like the concepts, but I agree that his writing is very cliche. I will probably read Inferno because I like to be able to discuss books that people are reading, but I don’t think I’ll have nice things to say.

    • Kristen

      I am still working my way through the Song of Ice and Fire series. Those books are so long! But I keep telling myself that I can’t watch the TV show until I finish the books because I’m just a stickler that way. Although, I think some of hesitation I feel about rushing to finish them is because the series isn’t complete yet…and I fear that dreadful wait.

      In terms of Dan Brown, maybe it’s because each time I read one of his books, I’m a little older and more well-read, but I think they are getting more boring and tired as he continues to write them. They are just sort of the same thing each time, which seems to work for him, just not for me. When I write my review of this book, I don’t think I’ll have too many nice things to say either!

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