A quick check-in.

I just got back from a weekend up in Cleveland visiting Ben. Even though he is only two hours away, a short weekend feels so rushed and exhausting. I’d hoped to get some running done up there in some new-to-me metro parks, but we ended up being too busy for that. Between the rain and the hot weather, it just seemed like a better idea to go to the movies or nap. More on that tomorrow.

Workout Check-in

Sun – 6 miles (treadmill – 1m walk, 4 m run, 1 m walk)
Mon – Off
Tues – 4 miles (morning run)
Wed – Off
Thurs – 6 miles (afternoon)
Fri – Off
Sat – Off

Total: 16 miles

I’m really pleased that I ran more miles this week than last! But still, only running 3 out of 7 days just doesn’t cut it for me. Next week’s goal is to, once again, run more miles than this week and to run at least four days out of the seven. I was too tired to run today after the drive back, so I have to fit four runs into six days. Shouldn’t be too hard, really, but life always seems to get in the way. I really need to pick out my half marathon training plan and start on that. Structured plans seems to keep me more accountable, plus, October isn’t all that far away…

Oh, and this totally cracked me up last week. I love when brands let their social media managers have some fun.

Lululemon being funny on twitter

How was your weekend?
What’s your favorite corporate twitter account?

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4 responses to “A quick check-in.

  1. Ha-that is a cute tweet from Lululemon :) I feel like I spent an unproportionate amount of time this weekend napping, so I approve of taking naps over running. But I did run a good race yesterday early in the morning.

  2. I prefer a structured plan whether I have an upcoming race or not. This year my big goal race isn’t until fall so I will have been on a “plan” almost the entire year in the end. That’s the way I like it :)

    I don’t think I have a favorite corp acct on Twitter. Maybe Athleta :)

  3. Way to go on your mileage! Structured plans definitely seem to help me stay more focused :) I enjoy following Swiftwick on Twitter!

    • Kristen

      Thanks! I think a structured plan is exactly what my training needs right now. Otherwise, I’m a slave to my whims and laziness…

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