Professional Portfolio

Resume & Publications

I am interested in using my skills as a digital and print communicator to help further the goals and interests of a progressive, forward-thinking company or organization.

I have experience working with both nonprofit and for-profit environments, and am interested in pursuing opportunities in either one.

Currently, I am the Marketing & Communications Associate for the Ohio Environmental Council in Columbus, Ohio.

At the Ohio Environmental Council, I am the manager and primary content creator for the organization’s website and social media (including Twitter & Facebook). In eight months, I significantly increased the organization’s social media engagement through targeted strategy and unique content. I increased the number of Facebook fans by 20% and Twitter followers by 14%. More statistics are available on my resume.

I have experience working on a number of environmental campaigns, developing strategic plans for the timely distribution of information based on the campaign’s goals.

I am also responsible for the creation and production of a variety of communication materials, including press releases, brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, blog posts, annual reports, etc. Because the issues I work on are often complex and detailed, ensuring accurate information is crucial, and I have become an expert in swift, comprehensive fact checking, editing, and revision.

I received my master’s degree in English from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as well as my bachelor’s in both Creative Writing and Journalism.

If you feel that I would be a good fit for a position at your company or organization, I encourage you to please contact me at

Samples of my work and references are available upon request.


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