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From My Evernote

I am a big supporter of the multi-device note taking software, Evernote, which you can download here if you haven’t done so already. I highly suggest that you do because it is a fantastic program: free, versatile and extremely easy to use. I am frequently jotting down ideas for names, plots, funny phrases–you name it, and they are all accessible through any device I choose to load the application on. I even use it remember gift ideas for my friends and family. You can take pictures with your phone, designate a workbook for class notes, and capture any type of multimedia that you can find on the internet.

But enough with the product promotion. What I really wanted to share was some of the ridiculous things that I have dug up from the depths of my long-time Evernote use. Although many of the notes have time stamps, I can rarely remember when I had the idea or why I thought it might be helpful in the future.

I guess this is as good of reason to hold onto my goofy notes as any other. For your entertainment, I present to you:

From My Evernote– the past few months.

12/15/11 – “Psychotic Break”
Buy seeds you believe are magic to plant after the apocalypse.  Also get naked on a roof and scream at people.

11/28/11 – “Wise Bunny”
[See Picture]

11/23/11 – “Haunted by the ghost of jesus”
[Nothing else]

11/12/11  – “Indie TV show Jokes”
“So I’m dating this gay guy, I’m his beard but he still puts out………….maybe he’s not gay.”

There really isn’t any context to put any of this in. The Wise Bunny is pretty awesome, though. He might be making a reappearance in the future. Now back to writing my thesis.


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