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Caffeine Roundup.

Caffeine Roundup


For Everyone Who Says They Cant.
Anne from FANNEtastic Foods did an amazing interview with Jeff Le who shares his incredible story of never giving up.

Why Taking a Break Isn’t the end.
We’ve all had to take time off and it can be really, really hard to get back in the game.  But it can be done.

Is Being Lean Really Worth It?
Not specifically running related, but it raises a really interesting question about lifestyle and what’s right for each of us.


Revising your writing again? Blame the Modernists
I’ve always thought that revision is where the magic of writing really happens, but I guess that hasn’t always been the case.

7 Things Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me About Storytelling
Another fun list about great story telling.

Comfort Writing and How To Avoid It
A great post about keeping your writing fresh.


Etsy: An Unlikely Source for Children’s Books
If you’re looking for fun children’s book, why not check out Etsy? Never would have thought of this!

The Legacy of Franz Kafka As Seen Through His Impact on Gabriel García Márquez
In honor of Franz Kafka’s birthday this past week.

Famous Books Inspired By Dreams
I found this list really interesting. I’ve definitely had some strange dreams, but I can’t imagine any of them becoming full-fledged stories.


Low-Fat Lemon Bars
I made these last night and they were fantastic! The ingredients a little confusing in some parts, but definitely worth it.

Fish in a Tin
Still not sold on sardines as an alternative to tuna? Then check out this post.

roasted cherry bourbon milkshakes with hot fudge.
I haven’t had a chance to make this yet, but it looks incredible. Definitely on my to-make list for this summer.

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Because You Came Here for Coffee

I have noticed that a number of my views have been the result of people searching “Coffee”. Now I realize that the title “Medium Roast” is a little deceiving for a writing blog so I figured I would throw in a helpful coffee post for all those who were drawn here under false pretenses. I would hate for your clicks to be in vain!

I would  by no means consider myself a Coffee expert, but I can direct you to a few places that might be more helpful!

If you’ve ever heard of this magical, black hole called Reddit, then you may know about the coffee subreddit. If not, you have to check it out–they have a ridiculous amount of information about all kinds of coffee, but do tend to frown on those who are resigned to Starbucks and auto-drip brewing. It’s a great place to learn, or if you’re already a pro, to brag. They also host a Reddit Coffee Mug/Tea Cup Exchange through www.redditgifts.com which is going on now (and I’m also participating in!)

Another helpful site is Coffee Geek which seems to have everything from beginner’s guides to detailed reviews about the latest coffee products out there.

And if you’re looking for a fun mug? Check out Etsy! Lots of fun, hand-made mugs on here that are great for gifts (for a gift exchange) or just for your own sipping pleasures.

But if you’re looking for what kind of coffee is the best, I regret to say I can’t help you. I’ve personally tried all kinds and haven’t found any that are particular stand-outs. So I continue to drink anything caffeinated and cover it up with CoffeeMate’s Pumpkin Spice creamer. But from what I’ve read online, the only way to get really good coffee is to either roast your own coffee beans, or buy whole beans from online and then hand-grind right before brewing with a french press or via the pour-over technique. Sounds so simple, right? (read: sarcasm)

Hopefully this was a helpful find for you. Although this isn’t a coffee blog, I am a big fan of coffee and will often post related things. Don’t forget to check out the link to the right about the 5 Phases of Caffeine that I recently found on The Oatmeal! Surprisingly accurate as I’m sure most coffee drinkers will agree.

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