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A quick check-in.

I just got back from a weekend up in Cleveland visiting Ben. Even though he is only two hours away, a short weekend feels so rushed and exhausting. I’d hoped to get some running done up there in some new-to-me metro parks, but we ended up being too busy for that. Between the rain and the hot weather, it just seemed like a better idea to go to the movies or nap. More on that tomorrow.

Workout Check-in

Sun – 6 miles (treadmill – 1m walk, 4 m run, 1 m walk)
Mon – Off
Tues – 4 miles (morning run)
Wed – Off
Thurs – 6 miles (afternoon)
Fri – Off
Sat – Off

Total: 16 miles

I’m really pleased that I ran more miles this week than last! But still, only running 3 out of 7 days just doesn’t cut it for me. Next week’s goal is to, once again, run more miles than this week and to run at least four days out of the seven. I was too tired to run today after the drive back, so I have to fit four runs into six days. Shouldn’t be too hard, really, but life always seems to get in the way. I really need to pick out my half marathon training plan and start on that. Structured plans seems to keep me more accountable, plus, October isn’t all that far away…

Oh, and this totally cracked me up last week. I love when brands let their social media managers have some fun.

Lululemon being funny on twitter

How was your weekend?
What’s your favorite corporate twitter account?

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Excellent things keep me entertained

A good friend of mine (see Wandering through Wonderland) went on a date recently and shared her story with a fellow blogger, who is now sharing it with the internet. It’s so awesomely bad that I can’t believe it wasn’t the plot to an episode of The Mindy Project (which, by the way, is a great show).

Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar

So, today is kind of a guest post. My friend and fellow blogger, who we’ll call “Pixie Stick” (even though her real first name comes up in this story) messaged me yesterday with this absolutely hilarious story. It totally reminds me of something that would happen to Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project (a show everyone should be watching if they’re not already).

Anyway, thanks to Pixie Stick for this because I totally didn’t have anything to write about today…

Dear Emelie,

I feel the need to tell you the story of what happened to me last night. I want to blog about it, but I’m worried that the person who is involved might one day find my blog and then be offended or something. So I’m telling you (potential blog fodder?) Because it’s just SO BAD and I feel like you’ll appreciate it.

Last night, I had a…

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From My Evernote

I am a big supporter of the multi-device note taking software, Evernote, which you can download here if you haven’t done so already. I highly suggest that you do because it is a fantastic program: free, versatile and extremely easy to use. I am frequently jotting down ideas for names, plots, funny phrases–you name it, and they are all accessible through any device I choose to load the application on. I even use it remember gift ideas for my friends and family. You can take pictures with your phone, designate a workbook for class notes, and capture any type of multimedia that you can find on the internet.

But enough with the product promotion. What I really wanted to share was some of the ridiculous things that I have dug up from the depths of my long-time Evernote use. Although many of the notes have time stamps, I can rarely remember when I had the idea or why I thought it might be helpful in the future.

I guess this is as good of reason to hold onto my goofy notes as any other. For your entertainment, I present to you:

From My Evernote– the past few months.

12/15/11 – “Psychotic Break”
Buy seeds you believe are magic to plant after the apocalypse.  Also get naked on a roof and scream at people.

11/28/11 – “Wise Bunny”
[See Picture]

11/23/11 – “Haunted by the ghost of jesus”
[Nothing else]

11/12/11  – “Indie TV show Jokes”
“So I’m dating this gay guy, I’m his beard but he still puts out………….maybe he’s not gay.”

There really isn’t any context to put any of this in. The Wise Bunny is pretty awesome, though. He might be making a reappearance in the future. Now back to writing my thesis.

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Things My Lit Professors Says #6

It’s clear from my many literature lectures this semester that my professor has a tumultuous relationship with his family, no doubt resulting from an uncomfortable childhood. Among his many interesting insights into his own psyche, he mentioned that he unsuccessfully tried to fill his mother’s role with his dissertation director, who also bares a striking resemble, both in appearance and attitude, to Judge Judy.

To quote him in summary of his many insights, “Freud would have a field day with me.”

And then there are always fun comments like this:

“Who could be against the children?” Raises hand. “But I have specific children in mind.”

Or to sum up the semester:

 Upon hearing sirens outside, “Oh the police are coming to take my dirty mind away!”

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Things My Lit Professor Says #4

In reference to Lady Mary Wroth’s poetry, “It’s like Lady Mary Wroth and the Temple of Doom.”

Also in reference to LMW, “Do you know lolcats? Some of the spelling reminds me of that.” (followed by: “We talk about everything, don’t we?”)

Something off-topic, “Fucking parents and their conditional love. Who are they, Sinatra?”
(I really didn’t understand this one.)

This one actually comes from my workshop professor:
“It’s like saying, ‘I have an MFA–a Masters of Fucking Around.'”

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Things My Lit Professor Says #3

In reference to this picture, my professor made the comment:

“You can see the angels come down to collect the blood for the keggar they’re going to have later…”

Yay blasphemy!

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Things My Lit Professor Says #2

In discussion of the play The Convent of Pleasure by  Margaret Cavendish, my lit professor was explaining one of the lines in the play for us about a pun in saying that the wall of the convent was a yard thick.

“A yard,” he said, “is a play on the male penis which is a bit generous in my opinion.”

Follow by a brief pause, then “why do I say these things?”

Never a dull moment.


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