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Good news & long runs.

I have two bits of good news today! First, I’m already way over my total miles from last week! In fact, my run yesterday almost totaled last week in miles run.



I made the mistake of trying to run around the park and completely forgot about 4th of July celebrations. I was dodging people left and right! So I made my way down to the trail I usually take for longer runs. I had no idea how long this run was going to be when I started out but once I hit the trail, I was already 2 miles in and I figured, why not just keep going? I ran about a mile and half on the trail, and it started to rain, so I turned around and started back, eventually totaling just over a 10k.


I love this trail–long and quiet–it’s really peaceful. But it really freaks me out when the cyclists blow past me without warning.


And it follows a river!

By the time I finished, it was raining pretty hard and my phone was so wet that I couldn’t get the touch screen to work in order to end my run! Maybe I shouldn’t take my phone with me next time it looks overcast… It was a great run though – my longest in a while. It felt good to hit a stride again and not feel like I was dying the whole time. I still had to take a few breaks because my knee was starting to hurt — the post ACL surgery one — bleh. But there is definitely a difference for me between morning runs and afternoon runs, and I think I might just have to accept that.

My second bit of good news is that I just got a new part-time freelance gig! I’ll be starting soon with the Arundel Voice newspaper picking up a few stories on the side. I’m really excited about this opportunity. I haven’t worked in journalism for just about two years and I was starting to miss it.

arundel voice

The best part about the Arundel Voice is that they don’t cover “hard” news, things like political scandals or crime reports. They focus mainly on positive stories in the community — something I’m really pleased about because positive news is really fun to write about.

There were times when I was covering stories during my very first reporting internship when it was hard to sit through interviews because the stories were just so sad or uncomfortable. My very first assignment was covering jury selection for a murder trial for a 16-year-old. That was not so fun…

So my time with the Arundel Voice should be much more positive! Seriously, I am SO excited.

Do you run in the rain?
What are you excited about this week?

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Unexpected Networking

This summer I was an editorial intern at F&W Media as part of the Craft Community and I was really surprised by how unexpectedly beneficial the internship was. I was only expecting a little editorial experience and a great addition to my resume. I walked into a barely working computer, a dimly lit cubicle on the opposite side of the office, and 50+ hours of shipping–but I met so many people.

I anticipateted meeting a few editors, maybe a few higher ups. I ended up meeting the entire staff to Writer’s Digest (a magazine I religiously subscribe to), a number of freelance editors and an ex-literary agent who moved into publicity. And the minute they found out I was an intern, all they wanted to do was help me out. I was collecting business cards and contact info left and right.

I can’t believe how lucky I got meeting the staff of Writer’s Digest. It only happened because my computer wasn’t working and I was using an available computer on the second floor in the middle of the WD community. I had the goofiest grin plastered on my face the whole week I was there, I felt like a groupie. Somehow I managed to find the courage to ask a few editors to lunch which resulted in an invite to a happy hour, and now I have all their business cards with a possible internship in the spring. Not to mention I’m working on a feature that will (fingers crossed) be in the January issue of WD Magazine!

The ex-lit agent I met is the craft community’s publicist who was visiting from the NYC office for two days. When she happened to walk by my cubicle (way off in the middle of nowhere) we got to talking and she asked about my internship and education. I told her I was in school for fiction and she tells me she used to be a literary agent in London. Unfortunately she was on her way to a meeting so we couldn’t chat very long, but she handed me a card and told me I could contact her any time with questions. I can’t wait to pick her brain for tips!

The most surprising connection I made was a freelance copy editor. One of my responsibilities as intern was to look up and hire available freelancers from the Freelance Binder. I hired this one woman once or twice, noticing that she had gone to the same school as me (but never mentioning it because I was all business). She noticed in my signature that I was an intern and started telling me about the time she spent as an F&W intern. After a little back and forth, she sends me an emails saying:

“Hang on to my contact info for work in case you need more publishing contacts when you graduate.”

and gave me all her contact info including email, work and cellphone numbers. I couldn’t believe it. She never met me, only communicated with me via email. It just goes to show how significant the community and association people feel when they find out you went to the same school or worked for the same company, even if it was years apart!

Only time will tell what will come of all this, but I am so thrilled to have had this opportunity and worked with such amazing people. Thank you F&W and the Craft team for a great experience!

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