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Things My Lit Professor Says #4

In reference to Lady Mary Wroth’s poetry, “It’s like Lady Mary Wroth and the Temple of Doom.”

Also in reference to LMW, “Do you know lolcats? Some of the spelling reminds me of that.” (followed by: “We talk about everything, don’t we?”)

Something off-topic, “Fucking parents and their conditional love. Who are they, Sinatra?”
(I really didn’t understand this one.)

This one actually comes from my workshop professor:
“It’s like saying, ‘I have an MFA–a Masters of Fucking Around.'”


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Things My Lit Professor Says #3

In reference to this picture, my professor made the comment:

“You can see the angels come down to collect the blood for the keggar they’re going to have later…”

Yay blasphemy!

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The Oxford Comma

Just in case you aren’t completely sold on the Oxford comma, here is a little something that has been  making its way around the internet the past few days. Enjoy!

(PS: I finished all three of my workshop responses before posting this. And made a vet appointment!)

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