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A quick check-in.

I just got back from a weekend up in Cleveland visiting Ben. Even though he is only two hours away, a short weekend feels so rushed and exhausting. I’d hoped to get some running done up there in some new-to-me metro parks, but we ended up being too busy for that. Between the rain and the hot weather, it just seemed like a better idea to go to the movies or nap. More on that tomorrow.

Workout Check-in

Sun – 6 miles (treadmill – 1m walk, 4 m run, 1 m walk)
Mon – Off
Tues – 4 miles (morning run)
Wed – Off
Thurs – 6 miles (afternoon)
Fri – Off
Sat – Off

Total: 16 miles

I’m really pleased that I ran more miles this week than last! But still, only running 3 out of 7 days just doesn’t cut it for me. Next week’s goal is to, once again, run more miles than this week and to run at least four days out of the seven. I was too tired to run today after the drive back, so I have to fit four runs into six days. Shouldn’t be too hard, really, but life always seems to get in the way. I really need to pick out my half marathon training plan and start on that. Structured plans seems to keep me more accountable, plus, October isn’t all that far away…

Oh, and this totally cracked me up last week. I love when brands let their social media managers have some fun.

Lululemon being funny on twitter

How was your weekend?
What’s your favorite corporate twitter account?

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Food Lately.

Not every picture I take of my food seems relevant enough to include in my other posts, so I like to gather them all up in one  big food post every so often. Enjoy!

overnight oats for breakfast

I am loving my new breakfast. It’s overnight oats! 1/2 cup oats mixed in with ground flax seed and chia seeds, with vanilla almond milk, almonds, blueberries, and banana! When I made the batch for this week I didn’t have any greek yogurt, which the recipe also calls for (about 1/4 cup).

Morning coffee

Morning coffee! Okay, this isn’t really very telling of how I drink my coffee, but I wanted to show everyone my awesome mug! I have…a lot of mugs. And it’s because I drink A LOT of coffee. Usually Starbucks blend with some Soy Dream enriched vanilla soymilk.

pasta dinner

I have been craving pasta a lot recently, so I tossed it with some broccoli, asparagus, onion, garlic, shrimp, extra virgin olive oil, salt, white pepper, and red pepper flakes. It was delicious! And quite photogenic.


Soup! I love soup. This is asian inspired, pad thai noodles, onion, garlic, green peas, baby corns, and cabbage in chicken broth, with low sodium soy sauce, sesame oil, and  rice wine vinegar. And then a little cilantro for garnish. All measurements were “eyeballed”  based on my taste. I probably also added some garlic chili paste because I love a spicy kick. For protein, you can add some tofu or a little scrambled egg for an eggdrop-style soup.

more pasta

Even more pasta! It must look like I eat a ton of noodles, but honestly, these meals are few and far between. I guess they are just so pretty that I can’t help but take pictures.


I love stir fry over brown rice! I usually throw in whatever veggies I have in the fridge with some low sodium soy sauce, sesame oil, siracha, and rice wine vinegar. My favorite veggies for this are peas, peppers, and baby corns. Its also my favorite tofu dish. I make this probably once a week.

Pico de gallo snack

Once again, I used the Pico de Gallo recipe from Budget Bytes. Quick and easy to prepare, and tasty even on it’s own with tortilla chips!


One of my favorite guilty pleasures is orange creamsicles. A blast from my childhood that is the perfect amount of tart and creamy.


This drink is my new favorite because it combines my two favorite drinks: red wine and a whiskey sour.
It’s called a New York Sour.
1 1/2 oz whiskey
1 oz simple syrup
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz red wine
Just mix up the whiskey, simple syrup and lemon juice, and pour over ice. Then, pour the red wine slowly over the back of a spoon into the drink to keep it from mixing in. Then, enjoy!

What have you been craving lately?

What is your favorite meal of the day?


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Using Twitter During NaNoWriMo

As much as it pains me to admit, you probably shouldn’t be reading blogs while you’re working on NaNoWriMo. You should be writing, of course! If you really want to be checking what’s going on, take quick breaks and then get back to writing. Or to give quick shout out for your word count! To do this, you should probably be using Twitter.

Granted, pretty much everyone is already on Twitter. I was a hold out for a long time until I realized the community of writers that are on it and that I was missing out on. For this situation, it’s perfect. It’s quick!. You can check it pretty fast and then jump right off it again. But Twitter is also an easy trap to fall into. So if you’re going to use Twitter, use it right, and use it responsibly!

1) Follow the right people. If you have to make a brand new twitter account to follow only certain group o people, or unfollow a few friends from your main account for the next month–do it. Surround yourself with people who will motivate and inspire you. Did your friend Sally just hit the 10,000 words but you’re only on 7,000? Oh hell no! Use these people to keep you motivated and on task.

2) Post your word count every time you write 1,000 words or each time you hit your daily word count. You’ll inspire yourself to finish just to feel the satisfaction of tweeting it, and you might even get some congrats and positive reinforcement from your followers. Every little bit helps.

3) Add some humor to your feed. Follow a few novelty accounts to make you laugh. I am a fan of the Harry Potter characters myself, particularly Snape. But I just recently found the Fake NaNoWriMo tips twitter (@FakeNNWMTips) which is also hilarious. Perfect for those breaks where you just want to giggle.

Below are some great twitters to follow, both for tips and laughs, You never know what will inspire you!

@NaNoWriMo (obviously)
(Chris Baty, creator of NaNoWriMo)
@WriMosFTW (great group of fellow WriMo competitors; definitely check out the blog)
@KayEeeGee (ME! Of course…okay, just kidding–only if you really want to)

I also found a thread on the NaNoWriMo forum with everyone who will be using Twitter this year!

And here is a list of great hashtags to follow and use during NaNoWriMo!

#NaNoWriMo (obviously…)
#NaNoBlog (for bloggers who are writing about NaNo this month)
#wordcount (clearly the most important one you’ll be using)
#writegoal (second most important)

If you have any suggests for additions to these list, please let me know so I can add them!


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Writing Contests

One of the best ways to get your writing out there while possibly earning cash or other prizes (such as publication or a trip to NYC) is to submit your work to writing contests. How do you find contests? Well there are some pretty good standard contests to enter, as well as more specific and lesser-known ones.

A great place to start is at Writer’s Digest. Other than being a little bit of a shameless plug for my friends over at WD, their contests have a great pay off and are separated into a number of categories so you have a better chance to win. Their annual contests boasts a first prize in each category of $1000 and a grand prize of publication in the magazine, as well as a trip to the Writer’s Digest conference in New York City.  Those who place 1st through 10th in each category receive cash and other prizes. For a $25 entry fee for stories and $15 for poetry, that’s not a bad pay off.

I actually had the opportunity to help judge the finalists for the grand prize winner this year. I have no idea who won, but I can assure you that just about anyone has a shot at winning. (Except me, because of the whole conflict of interest thing. Darn it!)

Another great contest recourse is actually on Twitter. @WritingContests is a always posting links to writing contests all over the web. I haven’t actually entered any of these, but I definitely follow.

Creative Writing Contests, a fellow wordpress blog, is devoted entirely to providing deadlines and guidelines for various contests as well.

Also look at various universities who offer large contests and competitions. My university runs a nation-wide novella contests, although I am not very familiar with it (since I am not required to be a judge).

After the Jump: Things to remember to when applying to writings contest

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